Beauty&Elegance 髪を多く見せるエクステ技術 WING-UP


S.REGGINA is a beauty product maker that covers from product development to
technology provision from the perspective of practioners.
We provide professional products for beauty salons with the
concept of “refined cuteness.” We help all women become “kawaii.”

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Japan-made products

Eyelash Extension

One Take 5D Technique

It finishes volume lashes quickly and beautifully, and it also provides five points that make it possible to shorten time needed.


volume lash


An Extension Technique that makes hair look like having more volume

A new Beauty Technique of a brand new genre, making it easier to have hair extension, and receive treatments at hair salons to add volume to the hair.

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What is Hair Extension?

The latest extension technique that consists of tying several artificial hairs (4 to 8) to 1 real healthy hair, to increase hair and make it like having more volume just like at hair salons.

What is Hair Extension?

Main characteristics

  • Can add volume only wherever necessary, for people having issues with hair whorl, bangs/thinning hair, fine hair.
  • No need to remove or perform any care like for wigs.
  • Gives people easier access to hair extension.
  • Adding a volume of hair people wants, wherever they want and need it.
  • Can be washed/dyed and permed, and hair dryers and hair irons can be used as well.
  • Can be repaired = can be restored to the original position.

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Founded the beauty product, S.REGGINA BRAND in 2007.


I have experience of working for a maker of commodities. Therefore, I have a lot of knowledge about trading and manufacturing. After I entered the beauty industry, I started with eyelash extension, and my original products for which ease of use was thoroughly studied and developed such as body jewelry and hair growth products have been supported by many technicians domestic and abroad. I have strong curiosity and I am absorbed in anything such as work. I call herself "otaku." I appear on TV as an appraiser. Representative: Satomi Oishi


Representative Satomi Ohishi


  • 2005 Established Mai Iruka Corp.
  • 2007 Produced the original brand “S.REGGINA”for the beauty products. Concept is “Beauty and Elegance”.
  • 2007 Started to sell the Eyelash Extension.
  • 2008 Started to sell the beauty products and offer classes for body jewelry
  • 2009 Joined “Beauty World Japan Tokyo 2009”
  • 2010 Introduced by the very popular fashion magazine “Ray”.
  • 2011 Introduced by another popular fashion magazine “Betty”.
  • 2012 Joined “Beauty World Japan Tokyo 2012”and exhibited.
  • 2012 Developed the original body jewelry products, brand-new in the industry.Interviewed by the US press.
  • 2012 Participated in “Shanghai Gift Show 2012”and exhibited.
  • 2012 Joined “Tokyo Nail Expo 2012”and exhibited.
  • 2013 Produced a glitter painting in a beauty art exhibition sponsored by some large companies.
  • 2013 Took part in the biggest and best-known beauty trade fair “Beauty World Japan Tokyo 2013”and exhibited.
    Projected and held a body jewelry contest in Tokyo Big Sight.
  • 2013 Demonstrated a body jewelry painting in the nail art & eyelash extension contest held in Wenzhou,
    which was a live program aired nationwide in China.
  • 2013 Presented the material and supported the art of the glitter painting shown in the TV program “24-Hour Television”,
    which started as a charity project in 1978 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Nippon
    Television Network Corporation.
  • 2013 Joined “Tokyo Nail Expo 2013”and exhibited.
  • 2013 Participated in “Beijing BEAUTY SHOW 2013”and exhibited.
  • 2014 Joined"Beauty World Japan 2014"and exhibited.
  • 2014 Joined “Cosmoprof Asia 2014”in Hong Kong and exhibited.
  • 2014 Joined" Tokyo Nail Expo 2014" and exhibited.
  • 2015 Joined"Anime Japan 2015"
  • 2015 Joined"The 25 th Beauty Expo" in Taiwan
  • 2015 Joined"Beauty World Japan 2015"and exhibited.
  • 2015 Joined “Cosmoprof Asia 2015”in Hong Kong and exhibited.
  • 2016 Joined "Canton Beauty Expo 2016"and exhibited.
  • 2016 "Beauty World Japan 2016".
  • 2017 "Beauty World Japan 2017".
  • 2017 "Beauty World Japan WEST".
  • 2018 "Beauty World Japan 2018".



After home building 3F 20-28 Sengen Kamicho,
Fuji City Shizuoka 417-0072 JAPAN

Business hour:
Regular holiday:
Every week Saturday:Sunday

There is a no-business day of a summer and winter.

  • Sales of Eyelash Extension and Body Jewelry original products
  • Hair Extension WING UP
  • Studio REGGINA